Limited Warranty

 Our 30 day limited warranty extends to most repairs, excluding those revolving physically and/or water damaged phones.*  The limited warranty covers repairs on devices whose parts are deemed defective (post-repair) or were a result of technician error.  The aforementioned repair will be free of charge given all applicable exceptions.  However, the limited warranty is void if there is no proof of repair (ie. yellow receipt).  Additionally, any misuse or damage caused by the owner and his/her constituents will not be covered under this warranty.  This includes, but is not limited to: physical, liquid, fire, network OEM disruption, and negligent damage.

*Note: Physically and/or Water damaged phones are subject to the abovementioned conditions due to the unpredictable behavior of such accidents.  As a result, repairs may be temporarily ameliorated, but superseding cell phone operation may cause the device to over-heat as an example.  We are not responsible for loss of data and damage due to repairs in this category.

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