Repair Services

Are you having issues with your phone(s)?  If so, FixCell Cellular Repair is your one-stop shop for high quality phone repairs.  Our Certified Technicians have been fixing handsets with defects of all kinds.  Our professional staff technicians are available all times during business hours.

Once at the FixCell Cellular Repair center a technician will take in your device and give you a free repair diagnosis.  Most phones are able to be repaired the same business day or even within minutes of diagnosis.  If the phone requires more time for repair, you will be informed on the time estimated for your repair.  In certain cases, a free loner phone will be given if eligible.  As soon as the handset is repaired and tested, we will inform you to pick up your device during business hours for your convenience.  As a note, ALL repairs are given receipt and it is necessary for you to be responsible to provide your copy of the receipt upon pickup.

Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome.  We are available during business hours at the number provided at the bottom of this page.



*Phone not powering on

*Turns on then off

*Phone flashes or overheat



*Broken charging port
*Not holding charge
*Phone overheat when charging
*Loose charging port

Water Damaged

*Submerge in water
*Water Spilled
*Red indicator in water



*Phone won't ring
*Other can't hear you or vice versa
*Static Sounds
*Low volume

Physical Damaged

*Phone broke in half
*Ran Over
*Broken main lens
*Phones chewed by dog


*Cracked screens
*White screens
*No display
*Ink spots
*Bleeding LCD


*Phone frozen
*Won't load to main screen
*Missing Icons or features
*Software update or restore


*No signal
*Drop calls


*Housing replacement
*Faded keypad
*Missing housing peices


*Keypad not functioning
*Missing keys
*Keys stuck
*Keys pressing automatically

Trackball Trackpad

*Not working
*Dosent click
  Water Damaged Devices: Please take out battery and rush your device to our facility as soon as possible.

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