Unlocking & Flashing

Can you unlock my phone?” This is a common question our unlocking technicians at the Fixcell. What is unlocking a cell phone? Why are unlocked cell phones important to have? 

Now…Let’s make things simple. What is unlocking? 
There are 2 main cell phones technologies in the United States. 




Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS, Alltel, And US Cellular, etc…, are on the CDMA Network and cannot be unlocked. CDMA cell phones do NOT use a SIM card. Therefore, if you have a CDMA phone, one option viable option, as opposed to unlocking, would be to flash your device. Flashing a device would allow for the use of the cell phone in other CDMA compatible Networks. For example, a Verizon Motorola Droid can flashed to use Metro PCS CDMA networks.


AT&T and T-Mobile are on the GSM Network. GSM cell phones use a SIM card. Therefore, if you have a GSM phone, FixCell will be able to unlock your cell phone. This will allow you to use your unlocked phone with any carrier on a GSM network; this includes countries, such as: Mexico, Canada, England, France, Spain, etc. Most countries around the world use GSM networks which allows for the use of your unlocked phone internationally.



You bought an iPhone from a friend. However, you have T-Mobile. Therefore, you cannot use the iPhone from your friend because it is locked to AT&T.

FixCell can unlock the iPhone and allow you to use your iPhone with T-Mobile.



Your son is studying abroad in Spain. In order to use his Blackberry overseas, he must get the phone unlocked. Once he gets the phone unlocked, he can buy an international SIM Card, pop it in the back of his Blackberry, and BBM you instantaneously. Now he has no excuses!


At Fixcell, we’ll make it easy for you. We can unlock your phone in 10 to 15 minutes, and in the most severe case, 24 hours. We will make your unlocking process easy and simple!


Why is unlocking so important? 

1.)When you unlock your cell phone you instantly raise the value of your phone. An unlocked cell phone is worth more because it can be used on multiple carriers. Unlocked cell phones are popular in Europe and Asia because there are many different networks that provide cell phone service. 
2.) If you wish to leave AT&T and go to T-Mobile, you can do so with an unlocked cell phone. Same goes for T-Mobile to AT&T. Unlocking your cell phone allows you to pick the GSM carrier with the best rates at the best price for you.
3.) No Risk Involved. It’s completely legal for you to unlock your phone. 
4.) One-Time Charge. Once you unlock your phone, you never have to worry about unlocking it again.
5.) Your Cell Phone becomes Mobile. Once you unlock your cell phone, you can travel globally with ALL your sensitive information and important emails. 
6.) It’s fast and easy. We guarantee your satisfaction. 

Our Unlocking Services Include: 

  • Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • HTC
  • Palm
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericsson





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